​Donating is now easier than ever! Just like your gym membership, deduct your charitable gift monthly from your checking account! 

Berwick farmers markets

It's important to the United Way that all citizens have access to healthy, affordable foods. This is why we advocate for the farmers markets, by providing a credit card machine that accepts SNAP... now everyone can support the local farming economy and live a healthy lifestyle! 

visit: www.beyondtheblendmarket.com

Your investment matters. When you give to the Berwick Area United Way , you are helping us drive real, measurable change in the Berwick Area; in the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play.

Your gift, combined with thousands of others, is a powerful investment in the best work happening achieving the best results. By investing in Education, Financial Stability, and Health, we’re bringing about real change in our community.

Berwick Community Garden

Community supported agriculture at happens on Vine Street!  If you wanted support the garden consider weeding and watering on a nice day or donating  a tax exempt donation today! Check them out of Facebook.

Young's Funny Farm

The Young's volunteer their time and resources to provide free services to anyone who wants to smile through the unique therapy of donkey's and ducks.  

Berwick Area Community watch Group

If you See Something.  Say Something.  If you appreciate the volunteers who are organizing monthly meetings to discuss crime and prevention. Give Something.   

Berwick Community Choir

Sing their praises and donate to the Community Choir today!  Your gift is tax exempt and is used support this wonderful group.

Berwick Mural Project

Building Community never looked so good!  If you want to support this group of artist creating a spunky, creative and unique town give a tax exempt donation to the Berwick Mural Project today!